2012 Graduate Films

ACORNS, 4’54” Gemma Roberts

A little girl discovers the importance of caring for nature.

OPERA, 2’01” Gemma Ursell

The camera follows circus acts around the big top as they cross paths with one another.

FY CHWAER, 3’09” Zara Williams

A sister is an embodiment of your greatest foe and closest ally…

TURF, 4’09” Barnaby Dixon

A stop motion film which explores the nature of borders.

THOUGHT CLOUD, 2’13”Jonathon Saunders

After a serious case of “artist’s block”, an animation student decides to let loose…maybe a little too loose.


A series of redundant advice for avoiding the inevitable.

THE LIGHTHOUSE MEN, 6’44” Sinead Oram, Pablo Parry

On a desolate Island, two lighthouse keepers descend into madness after the mysterious death of their friend and crew mate. Based on a true story.

BABBIT, 3’52” Jessica Leslau

A young girl struggles to fit in with her class mates at School, so befriends befriends Babbit, a large white magical rabbit.

YOU GOT BEAUTIFUL, 3’42” Lauren Orme

An animated documentary which explores the relationship between women and their bodies.

CATHARSIS, 3’21” Claire Spiller

A beautiful stag traverses the seasons to get from one world to another.

ODONATA, 5’13” Bryony Evans

An isolated pond creature discovers the world beyond her own.


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