Animatechapman – Exciting Competition

Adobe is sponsoring an Animation Competition with Monty Python for students across Europe that we’ve extended the deadline until 1 January 2013. I am working with the producer for the  latest Monty Python film due out 24th  Jan 2013 – ‘Animate Chapman – A Liars Autobiography’

Attached is a letter from the Producer Justin Weyers and and steps for submission for the competition.

Animate Chapman –

How to Submit before 1 January 2013?

1) Register and Download the audio clip that you prefer from

You only need to animate at least 10 seconds of one clip for submission.

2) Be as creative as you like, think about your technique, colour, concept.

Maybe editing the audio will help your interpretation come to life (remember 10 seconds minimum of any clip or mix of clips is required)

3) Composition sizes – Minimum SD (720 X 486) or maximium HD (1920 X 1080)

4) After all your hours of creation, render it out and upload to your personal video channel. (e.g Youtube, Vimeo)

5) Go to the official Facebook page of “A Liar’s Autobiography” and click on the ‘Animate Chapman” tab and choose to Submit your video.

6) Fill in all the information required and confirm you have read the terms and conditions and copy and paste in the URL link to your wonderful animation.

7) Now go and tell all your friends to like the page and vote for you.

From the 10 chosen winners one will be selected based on ‘audience votes’

8) Final submissions will be the 1st of January 2013 and the winners will be announced shortly after.

AnimateChapmanCompetition (1)


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