The subject of Animation has been taught at the University of Wales, Newport as part of the Newport Film School for over 15 years. It is a subject whose academic acceptance and development has been matched by an increasing media exposure and concomitant industrial support.

Although few other UK Animation courses can claim the successful record of independent and commercial placement that our graduates have achieved, there is increasing competition from newly established courses. What distinguishes us from others is the fact that we combine a firm grounding in fundamental animation and film-making techniques with the opportunity to apply these techniques to new markets, contexts and distribution methods. Animation is a medium which lends itself well to the digital domain, creating a wealth of new opportunities for the traditionally trained animator.

The programme positions Animation within a progressive context of commercial innovation, utilising new technologies whilst encouraging experimentation into unexplored new directions, embracing and refocusing interest in the notion of film director as artist, or auteur. This is essentially a course about film making with animation, where animation is any frame-by-frame manipulation of film. Students are encouraged to investigate a diverse range of materials, and film structure, and there are no limits and no house style.

Whilst developing personal and professional practice, students are encouraged to submit work to festivals and participate in industry-sponsored schemes. In 2005 the course was awarded Skillset Accreditation, one of only six institutions in the UK, and a mark of our ability to provide vocationally based education.


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