Private Screening Room

Welcome to our private screening room. By upholding the rights of our film-makers (and their respective partners), we cannot distribute all our graduate films globally on such a forum as this. However, we can screen them privately (a password is required). If you would like access then please contact us with a brief explanation as to who you are etc. and we’ll do our damnedest to sort that out for you. Of course, you always have access to our public Hall of Fame.

Blocked (2011)
by Tharun Abraham

An instance from a young boy’s life who is suffering from a medical condition.

Growing Space (2011)
by Kate Broadhurst

An animated documentary about a small charity with a huge impact. Using real-life interviews combined with metaphorical imagery to explore mental illness and the transformational healing process that comes through gardening and a community spirit.

David (2011)
by Stephen Craner

The story of a boy who hides away at night.

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling (2011)
by Joseph Wallace & Emma-Rose Dade

A short animated film about an old man whose life is transformed after a falling plant pot sparks a bizarre series of paranoid reactions.

Bare (2011)
by Helen Dallat

A bear moves to the woods but finds out that he doesn’t like the mess.

John and Betty (2011)
by Luke George and Alex Hancocks

Elderly couple John and Betty are happily married until John’s unhealthy obsession with solving crimes leads him to grow dangerously suspicious of his wife.

Jackie and Kevin 1977 (2011)
by Daisy Gould

An exploration of memory, shared experiences and imagination, triggered by a piece of graffitti found in a drawer.

Button Fate (2011)
by Morgane Roglianti

Lisa is a young button girl who does not feel good about herself. Blinded by her determination to seek for some fleeting love, she does not see Roger, her secret admirer who is longing for her.

The Art of Making Friends (2010)
by Paul McNulty

Missing (2010)
by Tariq Rimawi

A window opens on a child who lives in a war torn area where he longs for his past peaceful life.

Heartstrings (2009)

by Rhiannon Evans

The Barter (El Trueque) (2007)
by Gustavo Arteaga

A Boy Named Sue (2000)
by Jamie Beard

Robots (2000)
by John Williams

Film charting the demise of three redundant robots as they attempt to reassert meaning into their lives.


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